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Sharp Eye Honeycomb Thrusters

Sharp Eye Honeycomb Thrusters

The Sharp Eye designed by shaper Marcio Zouvi, is a medium size and large size thruster in the neutral template category.

Featuring a balanced flex pattern, this fin incorporates a wider base and a refined tip for great all-round performance in a variety of conditions.

The medium size template has already won a major QS event, under the feet of team rider Jett Schilling. The large size template has been tested extensively by Championship Tour surfers Jack Robinson and Miguel Pupo.  

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Specifications (Area: 14.86 Height: 4.51 Base: 4.44)


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Specifications (Area: 15.96 Height: 4.68 Base: 4.60)


Recently tested by Stace Galbraith for the Stab Joyride, he felt the bigger base of the Sharp Eye fin provided more hold and control when compared with the Legacy F6 model despite having less surface area. He said it is a great example of how a fin’s features, not overall surface area, can affect a board. 

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