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The Bay Called the Day

The Bay Called the Day
1/21/23 - The evening before the Eddie, we were watching Ian Crane surf head high Pipe wondering if the swell would be significant enough to run the contest. After a quick session we started to head back home, where the sides of Kam highway were already becoming overrun with parked cars. The people were ready, BBQing behind their cars, getting inflatable mattresses to fit in the back of their SUVs, or finding a soft spot in the sand to call home for the night. For the people that were sleeping on the beach, we hoped they were perched high enough, knowing they would probably be washed into someone's front yard or end up on Kam highway if the hype was real.
9:10 pm - We got a text with a buoy reading 19.36 ft @ 16 seconds, the swell is starting to show on the outer buoys. Throughout the night the commotion of fans echoed throughout the streets of the North Shore. 
1/22/23 4 am - The day of the Eddie. We were awakened by fireworks going off and the sound of waves battering the coastline. Kam highway had a foot of sand in certain parts from the overnight surges. There were brake lights flashing, e-bikes swerving, and spectators making their trek down to the bay in hopes of finding a spot to watch history unfold. As the energy of the people and Mother Ocean filled into the bay it was nothing short of chaos.
6:40 am - Clyde called it on for an 8 am start. Shortly after the first close out set showed its face the horizon turned black and the reality of what we were about to witness set in. Competitors started settling into their mental zones while making sure all their equipment was ready. The lifeguards and the Hawaiian Water Patrol were locked and loaded. These guys are the true legends as they looked after everyone at the bay.
8 am - As the first heat made its way into the water, the swell was still building and was forecasted to only get bigger as the day went on. Multiple spectators were caught by surprise, the waves sweeping them off their feet and sending some of them into the lagoon even after many warnings from the lifeguards.
During the first heat John John was in rhythm with solid back-to-back rides, looking to have a repeat victory at the Eddie. Everyone was sending it as they pushed one another over the ledge. Billy Kemper sustained a scary injury at the Backdoor Shootout a week ago. He had a spark in his eye that he wanted it and was willing to take off on anything for it. As the day continued, it only got bigger. Legendary rides went down, gnarly wipeouts occurred, and contest viewers were in awe. Landon McNamara, Tyler Larronde, and John John Florence were some of the riders that packed 10 point rides and Luke Shepardson with two 10s and a 29.1 took the win while on his shift as a lifeguard, all while helping out the surfers and bystanders in between heats. Watching the camaraderie amongst these athletes was incredible. A true family of warriors making history together, all while keeping each other safe. There is no other contest like The Eddie. No sponsors, no puppet show, just raw surfing in its purest form pushing the limits of big wave surfing. We are honored to be a part of it, and to be the trusted fin system and fins of these athletes.



  • Justine Dupont - Twiggy Signature Big Wave
  • Greg Long - G10 Paddle Quad 4.0 custom
  • Keala Kennely - F6 Legacy Quad
  • Nathan Fletcher - Stretch Quad
  • Michael Ho - G10 Paddle Quad 4.5
  • Koa Rothman - Padillac Quads
  • Makani Adric - JC1 Fiberglass
  • Nic von Rupp - Padillac Quads
  • Ramon Navarro - G10 Paddle Quad 4.0
  • Grant Twiggy Baker - Twiggy Signature Big Wave
  • Jake Maki - G10 Paddle Quad 4.0
  • Shane Dorian - Twiggy Signature Big Wave
  • Eli Olson - G10 Paddle Quad 4.0
  • Pete Mel - G10 Paddle Quad 4.0 custom
  • Jamie Mitchell - John John Big Wave Prototypes
  • Ross Clarke-Jones - G10 Paddle Quad 4.0
  • Lucas Chianca - G10 Paddle Quad 4.0
  • Billy Kemper - Kemper Signature Big Wave
  • Mark Healey - Kemper Signature Big Wave
  • John John Florence - John John Signature Big Wave

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