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Bethany Hamilton

Bethany Rides Futures

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Stance: Goofy


Every wave that Bethany Hamilton surfs is a testimony to her unbreakable spirit.

After losing her arm to a 14-foot tiger shark at her home spot on the island of Kauai, nobody would of blamed Bethany if she gave up on her dreams to be a professional surfer. Much to the astonishment of the world, not only did Bethany return to the ocean a month later, but she came back better than before. Less than two years after the day that changed her life she was crowned a national champion. Her positive outlook never wavered. She took what could have been a reason to fall apart and grew stronger because of it.

Bethany Hamilton

“Even after losing my arm, I am still doing everything I’ve hoped I could do with my future and even more. I think I am a reminder for the young girls that they can do it if they set their mind to it.”

Her comeback story from the jaws of death to the winners podium became a Hollywood film; one that inspires viewers to never give up. Bethany has remained her humble self through it all; happily married, a mother, and somehow still finds time to push the sport of female surfing.

She recently surfed her heart out to the semi-finals of the Fiji Women’s Pro as a Wild Card; showing the top 17 that she hasn’t lost her competitive fire. Utilizing her incredible strength, Bethany’s powerful turns, tube riding prowess and massive smile took down some of the best surfers in the world, according to the rankings.

Setbacks make room for comebacks. Bethany Hamilton is the finest example of our capability to push past obstacles. Her resiliency and optimism is a constant reminder for us to continue on our path when things get tough. She is our rock.

Bethany's Quiver

Stance: Goofy

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