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Sebastian Zietz

Seabass Rides Futures

Hometown: Hanalei, Hawaii
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 170 lbs
Age: N/A
Stance: Regular


The stoke of Sebastian Zietz could power a city!

There’s hardly a soul on earth who is more excited about riding waves. It’s contagious. Seabass will come through Huntington Beach and he’ll turn a quick rinse in summer time slop into a marathon session of laughs and high fives.

sebastian zietz

His presence and aloha is like an electrical current, flowing through his persona and into his surfing.

He’s certainly one of the more spontaneous and explosive surfers on tour, a clear byproduct of growing up in Kauai watching Bruce and Andy Irons. He’ll need a three and go for a ten, but he can’t help himself. Natural instinct limits him to hold back.

In his first career CT final at Margaret River, Western Australia, Sebastian elected to stay in the water after his Semi-final, continuing to surf as if the contest was just a sideshow to his session. Whereas his opponent was using more traditional methods on the beach, mapping out of a way to win. Final or not, Sebastian was just going surfing. His carefree and freestyle approach took the victory that day, catalyzing his best year on tour.

While Seabass may come off as relaxed or just happy to be on tour, he trains hard and prepares himself physically everyday. To that end, he recently opened a gym on Kauai that serves as a place for Sebastian to continue to add power to his game and also serves as a home for local talent to do so as well. Natural instinct and physical ability are a deadly duo.

Seabass's Quiver

Height: 6' 0" Weight: 170 lbs Stance: Regular

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